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How To Be A Good Friend - Bully Proofing

"How To Be A Good Friend / Bully Proofing" program is intended to raise awareness, challenge those attitudes that permit and perpetuate bullying, teach strategies that can prevent bullying and change behaviors that can lead to bullying. The program also focuses on positive friendships, resiliency and empathy building. This conflict management program is intended for elementary studentss, with the goal of addressing and curbing bullying behaviors before such have opportunity to become strongly ingrained in the childs repertoire through rewards and repetition of such behavoir. The program is offered to Kindergarten to Grade 6 students, with certain grades having different curriculums, and requires two 45 minute presentations to each class.

The "How to be a Good Friend" portion is for younger students and is intended to focus more so on positive friendships than bullying behaviors by using "Kelso's Choice" curriculum. "Tattling vs. Telling", "Big Problems vs Small Problems" and "Taunting vs Teasing" are some of the subject areas that instuctors differentiate between.