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Bully Proofing Level 1 & 2

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“Bully Proofing” this program is intended to raise awareness, “we talk about the tough stuff” and challenge those attitudes that permit and perpetuate bullying, teach strategies that can prevent bullying and change behaviors that can lead to bullying. Each grade has a different curriculum, and requires 45-minutes to 1 hour class time depending on the grade. The Bully Proofing program is a 2 part program.  Each program is designed with age appropriateness in mind. For our younger groups we add tools to the children’s toolkits to help with conflict management and knowing the difference between big vs Small problems, and tattling vs telling. We use Kelso’s Choices as a fun educational way to introducing these tools. As the age range increases we begin to speak about more sensitive topics around bullying, mental health, self harm, and seeking help from someone you can trust. We also encourage the children to be mindful of the effects that bullying can have on our peers mental health. We also talk and teach the kids about being upstanders vs bystanders. In the second parts of these programs we return to all the classes to see how they have utilized what we previously taught, expand on topics and work on a positivity project. This program is offered for grades K-9.